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The Case for Energy Exports

How can our nation’s energy revolution continue to stay strong? Writing in The National Interest, James Jay Carafano of the Heritage Foundation has an idea: 

Increasing American production and export of energy is a win-win-win proposition. It would enhance our national security, make international energy markets more free, and address environmental issues realistically. The next president should lead the campaign for an American energy export agenda. In the meantime, the present Congress can do much to prepare for the march.

Check out the entire piece by Carafano to see why energy exports should be a key part of U.S. energy policy. Unfortunately, antiquated laws and regulations are holding us back.

Now more than ever, American energy producers need access to world markets. It will benefit consumers, producers, workers, and our economy. It’s time to lift the energy export restrictions and let America become a global energy superpower.

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Can the export un US oil be lifted ?

Kevin C. - Texas

I would like to know what fossil fuels contribute economically compared to wind, solar and biofuels. like taxes, salaries etc.

Patrick C. - Pennsylvania

Energy Citizen Actions

Lift the Ban on American Crude Oil Exports!

Email your Senators and Representative and ask them to support legislation to lift the ban on American crude oil exports—this senseless ban is hurting no one but ourselves!

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Update: The Ohio House has Dropped the Severance Tax Hike

The Ohio House of Representatives has pulled the severance tax increase from the budget proposal. By reaching out to elected officials in the Ohio State House, Energy Citizens helped to make that happen. Send a letter today thanking those who did the right thing by pulling the severance tax hike!

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