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Energy Citizens Score a Victory on Cove Point

Our nation is now one step closer to becoming a global energy superpower.

In late September, federal regulators decided to allow liquefied natural gas (LNG) to be exported from Maryland’s Cove Point facility. Originally built to import LNG, Cove Point now has the green light to be refurbished and made export-capable. 

Energy Citizens like you played a big role in making this happen. You sent letters and e-mails to decision makers, you testified at hearings, and you attended events in support of Cove Point. By making your voices heard, you helped set the stage for America to open new markets for our energy.

Even though Cove Point’s application was approved, the LNG export approval process in America is still broken. It takes far too long for sites to receive permission to sell our nation’s abundant natural gas to our allies in other nations. Red tape is tying up our energy economy, threatening to slow down American oil and gas production.

While we celebrate the singular victory at Cove Point, we need to continue our efforts to modernize the LNG export process more broadly.

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