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The Senate Should End the Obstructionism on Keystone

If you’ve been watching the news you’ve seen that a vocal minority in the United States Senate is doing everything it can to keep the Keystone XL pipeline from ever coming up for a vote. Just this week they resorted to one of the oldest obstructionist tricks in the book—the filibuster.

Tell the Senate it’s Time to End the Obstructionism. Bring Keystone Up for a Vote Today!

We can’t let their anti-energy extremism derail Keystone. Please send your Senators an email today making sure they know that you support Keystone XL and want there to be a public vote soon to approve construction of the pipeline.

A bipartisan majority of Americans have been waiting for Keystone for more than six years. We can’t let a desperate filibuster get in the way.

Please take just a second to send a message. We need as many people as possible for this to work! 

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I have a question, why does the pipeline have to run to the gulf, I notice the other track to Il why not that track. build a refinery in the midwest

Mike C. - Nebraska

Pass Keystone XL bill.  We need the jobs!!

Deanna T. - California

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