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Why We Must Act on Offshore Energy Development

If you believe in America’s energy future, you’ve got to act now to urge the federal government’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) to open more offshore areas to responsible energy exploration.

Here are the top 5 Reasons why:

  1. JOBS
    Expanding offshore access for energy exploration could create as many as 480,000 new jobs for American workers.
    A whopping 87% of federal offshore land is closed to energy exploration. At a time when the United States is still importing oil and gas from other countries, it makes no sense not to be making the best use of our own resources.
  3. REVENUE for the Federal Government
    Opening more federal land to offshore energy development could generate $23.5 billion in new government revenues over the next 18 years.
    Pursuing offshore energy development would solidify America’s role as a global energy superpower and signal to the world that our energy revolution is here to stay.
    The federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is already developing its next 5-year plan for oil and gas leasing. This plan will help determine the future of American energy offshore, and we only have until July 31st to have our say on the first draft!

Take just two minutes to tell BOEM to do the right thing and open up more of the Outer Continental Shelf to responsible energy exploration.

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Florida: April 2014 Letters to the Editor

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Why are tou trying to destroy my beloved country...are you anti-American?..Remember that your mother was white even though she did not raise you....

John G. - New Hampshire

Have a suggestion for yall,

The tone of the rhetoric on energy needs to be modified to show the insanity of the current direction our country is on

Rex K. - California

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