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Good News for Our Energy Security

Energy independence, here we come!

Fuel Fix blog reports that “the United States produced enough energy to satisfy 84 percent of its needs in 2013, a rapid climb from its historic low in 2005…”

What’s behind this surge in energy production?

“[The Energy Information Administration] attributed the nation’s rising energy security largely to the increased production of oil and natural gas, which has been fueled by the domestic shale boom. The rise of new drilling and production technology, namely hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, has allowed companies to tap more reservoirs deeply buried in dense rock formations.”

This oil and natural gas production has dramatically reduced our reliance on other nations for the fuel we need. In fact, we are producing so much that we are now able to export oil and natural gas. If the government removes its restrictions on energy exports, we can begin reducing other nations’ reliance on unfriendly energy suppliers like Russia.

The shale revolution has done great things for America. It’s strengthened our energy security. It’s created jobs. Now it’s time to use our resources to do great things for the world.

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Energy Citizen Actions

Support Safe Energy Development in North Carolina

Thanks to the efforts of Energy Citizens like you, legislators and the governor opened up North Carolina to oil and gas development. Now the state Mining and Energy Commission (MEC) is finalizing rules to make this happen. Send a letter to the MEC today!

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Fight Back Against Forced Ethanol

Extreme activists are pressuring the city council to impose a new law that would force E15 to be sold from city gas stations. Send your Alderman a letter and ask them to fight back.

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