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Energy Citizens Won't Allow NY to Miss Out

As the state Department of Environmental Conservation continues to drag its feet on allowing shale drilling in New York, more people are starting to wonder if the state has lost its opportunity to take advantage of economic development that comes with natural gas drilling. As this recent article asks, has New York missed the hydraulic fracturing boom? Another article also picks up the theme, noting that New York’s neighbor, Pennsylvania, is reaping the advantages of natural gas drilling while New York is doing nothing.


The areas of New York that could benefit from natural gas development were hit hard by the recent recession and are still suffering from high unemployment. One only has to look over the border at Pennsylvania to see the numerous benefits from natural gas drilling. But DEC continues to delay, and New York’s economy suffers.


New York Energy Citizens know that the state’s economy has been hurt by DEC dragging its feet on this issue. It seems that more observers are coming to the same conclusion.

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  • hi Energy Citizens..just wanted to say this new site format is helps me copy the issues we need to share with other sites & people who are like  &  & of course  ..we need to make America Energy Independent  

    Gerald B. - New York

  • In the short term, the low market price for natural gas is constraining development. The companies are working down stockpiles and that is expected to continue through 2012, perhaps into 2013. So there is little incentive for the exploration companies to ally with landowners in the Shale region and expand leaseholds, never mind actually explore.

    Beyond the short term, New York does needc to pursue this development. While there is an increasingly vocal (and sadly, misinformed) opposition, the abysmal New Yrork State financial situation will probabl;y sway the legislature and governor to allow development. This is New York, after all. The gas that is extracted will be taxed if it isn't already.

    Henry B. - New York

  • Unfortunately I believe the ship has passed New York .

    A more interesting question relates to the retro active effect  on contracts executed prior to town legislation banning drilling.

    I assume that the contracts were valid at the time of execution and were not pre-empted by pending or enacted legislation. The question arises as to liability of local townships for intereferring with a binding contract.

    If the towns are held liable for inducing a breach of a contract,could they be forced to pay millions in restitution ? Not to mention lost earnings.

    Matthew T. - New York

  • Should LI’s Sewage Treatment Plants Accept Waste Fluids from Hydraulic Gas Fracturing?

    This is OK since the question really is about whether concentrated seawater can safely be discharged in the Long Island Sound and Atlantic Ocean. Wastewater from hydraulic fracturing of Marsalis shale consists of concentrated seawater which can safely be discharged from the sewage treatment plants into these waters. No treatment is possible or necessary.  Dumping seawater into seawater is safe.  Furthermore, the treatment plant’s processing is not interrupted.  This helps allow Hydraulic fracturing for natural gas to continue thus lowering our energy costs while making us energy independent. This improves our standard of living.  Otherwise, the wastewater can pollute our land, kill vegetation, destroy animal and bird habitats and contaminate the water table. All these problems can be avoided and it simply involves putting things in their proper place. This is how we improve our environment as well as our quality of life.

    Charles A. Hersh


    Charles H. - New York

  • March 15, 2012, Bethel, NY meeting @hydro-fracking…active opponents greatly out number advocates…help bring this needed economic boom to Sullivan County, NY…please attend…gb

    Town fo Bethel Meeting - Hydo-Fracking  >>>   Public Hearing -

    When   Thursday, Mar 15 7:30pm - 9:30pm

    Where:   Dr. Duggan Community Center, 3460 Route 55, White Lake, NY 12786  

    Town Board Public Hearing for Proposed Local Law #1-2012. Local Law is available on the Town Website at

    Gerald B. - New York

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