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E15 and the Renewable Fuel Standard

Some gasoline and diesel contains approximately 10 percent ethanol (E10). Some ethanol proponents have suggested this is increased to 15 percent (E15). The science is clear: E15 has been shown to cause damage in some engines and fuel systems; since many cars warranties are set at 10 percent, use of this fuel can void owners’ vehicle warranties.

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Oil Sands

North American oil can help sustain the needs of our businesses and our families. Our energy policies should support access to all North American oil, including the Canadian oil sands. Our nation’s energy policies directly impact job creation and economic growth. We need policies that promote accessible energy, help businesses grow and create new jobs.

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Ask the Expert

Energy Citizens have an exclusive opportunity to ask energy questions to leading energy experts, such as Josh Snyder (API Campaign Manager) and John Felmy (API Chief Economist). Our guest experts take Energy Citizens questions during our live telephone town halls and also from questions you submit online on the Energy Citizens web site.

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Domestic Oil

America has been blessed with an abundant reserve of oil and natural gas. We can access North American oil from our offshore and onshore reserves. We need oil to run our vehicles it accounts for more than 97 percent of the energy that powers our nation’s automobiles, airplanes and ships – and businesses. In short, America runs on oil.

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Energy Citizens can help improve our nation’s energy security by joining the movement for access to dependable, affordable energy. We can improve our security and help our economy by adopting balanced energy policies that increase access to all sources of domestic energy, including renewable, nuclear, and oil and natural gas.

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America’s oil and natural gas industry pay their fair share of taxes to the federal treasury – around $86 million each day. Yet some policy makers want even higher energy taxes. We cannot address our nation’s economic, environmental, and energy challenges simply by targeting consumers, businesses, and energy-producing companies for increased taxes.

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Natural Gas

Natural gas is used to create electricity, heat buildings and homes, cook food, dry clothes and power manufacturing operations, natural gas plays a critical role in our daily lives and our energy future. Recovered using a nearly 60-year-old process, hydraulic fracturing, natural gas is part of a shale revolution across the U.S.