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LNG Exports Will Help our Allies

Senators John McCain, John Barrasso, John Hoeven, and Ron Johnson recently returned from a trip to Eastern Europe. In an op-ed for the Washington Post, these senators lay out the case for using liquefied natural gas exports to reduce Russia’s power over Eastern Europe:

“Europe remains dependent on Russian oil and gas, while U.S. supplies are growing faster than our ability to bring them to market …. For our part, the Obama administration should lift holds on terminal applications for liquefied natural gas and ensure their expeditious processing so the private sector can build new capacity for transport and storage. These actions could weaken Putin, support our allies, strengthen the U.S. economy, increase federal revenue and create thousands of good jobs.”

Good energy policy for our Eastern European allies is also good energy policy for Americans. It’s great to see these lawmakers joining together to advocate for this win-win situation.

Weigh in on Offshore Energy Development

Energy Citizens--

the Obama Administration has officially started to develop its five-year leasing plan for the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). A new 5-year plan could mean that new areas will be opened up for oil and natural gas exploration – but only if they hear from you.

Tell the Obama administration that you want to expand offshore energy development!

Currently 87% of federal offshore waters are locked away – meaning we are unable to develop the oil and natural gas that would increase American energy security, create hundreds of thousands of jobs and grow the economy.

With the current unrest in the Middle East, it is more important than ever that the U.S. develop the oil and gas resources that exist off our coast. We should not have to rely on unstable regions of the world for the energy we need.

We need active Energy Citizens like you to make your voice heard in Washington, D.C. Stand up for our nation’s energy security and our energy future today!

U.S. Energy Production is Revitalizing Manufacturing

What is one result of more natural gas being produced in America? As this International Business Times article points out, shale gas is creating a great opportunity for a rebirth of U.S. manufacturing:   

“In the wake of the American shale gas boom and the resulting cheaper power, U.S. manufacturers have been moving their work back home from overseas, and now foreign manufacturers, especially from Europe, are moving their facilities to the U.S.

“While prices in the U.S. power market have fallen due to cheap natural gas, prices in Europe’s power market are much higher, lifted by subsidies for renewable wind and solar power projects. European utilities have been decommissioning thousands of gigawatts from turbines in an effort to minimize losses.”

Check out the rest of the article to learn more about how shale gas and manufacturing go hand-in-hand. This is just one more way that fracking is benefitting our country!

More Than 103,000 Americans Stand Up for American Jobs and Energy Security at Cove Point

Strong Support for Cove Point Project shows the American People Embrace Benefits of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Exports

Today members of Energy Citizens and Energy Nation submitted more than 103,000 comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in support of the Cove Point liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility.

If approved, modifications to the Calvert County, MD facility would enable Cove Point to become an export terminal for LNG. Last month, FERC staff concluded that approval of this project would have “no significant impact” on the environment.

“The people of Maryland and the nation get it: we need to move forward with projects like Cove Point to create jobs and increase our energy and national security,” said Erik Milito, Director of Upstream and Industry Operations for the American Petroleum Institute. “We are in the midst of an energy revolution, and the development of clean-burning natural gas and LNG exports will help to fuel economic growth and enable the U.S. to fulfill its potential as an energy superpower.”

Strong support for the Cove Point Project signifies an acknowledgement of the many benefits it would bring to Maryland and the nation. During its three-year construction period, the Cove Point Project would support 3,000 jobs and contribute roughly $125 million in yearly economic activity. Once completed, a Cove Point export facility could reduce the United States’ trade deficit by $7 billion each year.

Beyond benefitting the United States, a Cove Point LNG export terminal would benefit our nation’s trading partners by supplying American natural gas to help relieve energy dependence on unfriendly or unstable nations.

The American people know that the Cove Point LNG export terminal is an important project for America’s economy and energy security. More than 103,000 comments show they are willing to speak out for the many benefits that Cove Point will bring Maryland and the United States.

 Energy Citizens and Energy Nation are supported by the American Petroleum Institute.

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