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Increasing LNG exports would build our economy and stabilize world energy supplies

The recent political turmoil in Ukraine makes clear just how much the world needs the market-stabilizing power of U.S. energy exports. Our vast supply of natural gas offers us the ability and opportunity to increase our exports of LNG (liquefied natural gas) and create thousands of U.S. jobs, generate billions of dollars in government revenue, and enhance energy security both at home and for our allies around the world.

But red tape is stifling the process of approving new export applications and holding America’s LNG shipments to a trickle. Even though there are more than 20 pending applications, the Department of Energy has approved only seven since 2011. Each one of them represents a potential multi-billion dollar investment in infrastructure, U.S. labor, and production and infrastructure materials.

A study conducted by NERA Economic Consulting for the U.S. Department of Energy predicts that increased LNG exports would grow U.S. GDP anywhere from $5 billion to $47 billion by 2020. Another analysis by ICF International estimates as many as 76,800 manufacturing jobs would be added between 2016 and 2035. More LNG exports would cut the U.S. trade deficit and generate billions of dollars in additional royalties and new government revenues.

America has the technological know-how to get this done and more than enough product to support record levels of LNG exports for decades. But will our public policies and federal administrative choices stand in the way? That’s the key question.

Our nation’s wealth of natural gas presents us with unprecedented opportunity. It is time to put it to work.

Offshore Chalkboard Email

[First Name],

It’s really simple: offshore energy development could do great things for America. When it comes to boosting the economy and reducing our dependence on foreign oil, offshore exploration just makes sense. Send your comment today!

Thank you for standing up for American jobs and for saying yes to offshore energy.

The Energy Citizens Team

Is Offshore Drilling Coming to Virginia?

In late January, the Obama Administration decided that offshore oil and gas exploration may be in Virginia’s future:

The Obama administration's proposed five-year draft plan designating potential areas of the Outer Continental Shelf for future offshore oil and gas drilling includes a swath of the Atlantic stretching from Virginia to the Florida border…

State leaders such Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine have long supported offshore drilling as part of a comprehensive domestic energy strategy. Polls show a majority of Virginians do, too

This is good news for the state’s economy. By 2035, when offshore drilling would be going strong, Virginia could see this energy development support 25,000 jobs and contribute $2.2 billion to the state’s economy.

Energy Citizens should welcome the Obama Administration’s decision, but we need to recognize this is just the first step in bringing offshore energy production to our state. Let’s work together to make sure we can benefit from the energy resources that exist off our coast.

You can start right now by sending your comment in support of increased access to offshore energy resources to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

Offshore Energy: They Key to Improving American Energy Security

America is moving in the right direction when it comes to supplying our own energy. But to sustain the drive toward energy independence—and away from unstable overseas energy regimes—the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) needs to expand access to more of America’s offshore energy resources!

The Key to Improving U.S. Energy Security Can be Found Offshore 

We all know that American energy works! Producing our own energy has brought lower prices, jobs, and increased energy security. Our country has the capability to produce even more energy right here at home, but the federal government is standing in the way with restrictive policies offshore. Right now, a full 87% of America’s offshore areas are off-limits to energy development. This has got to change—and your involvement can help.

BOEM has proposed modestly expanding the amount of land open to offshore exploration in the Draft Proposed 5-year Offshore Leasing Program (DPP) that will direct offshore energy development policies from 2017 to 2022. This is definitely a step in the right direction, so email BOEM now to urge approval for this 5-year leasing program. Responsible offshore energy exploration will create jobs, grow our economy, and strengthen American energy security. Those benefits hinge on BOEM getting the 5-year program right!

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