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Using Energy to Stand Up to Russia

The news has been filled with stories over the past few years about the trouble Vladimir Putin is causing his neighbors. Russia’s vast energy resources give the country leverage over other European nations, and Putin is not shy to use this leverage to advance his agenda.

An editorial in the Houston Chronicle contends that America has a way to thwart Putin’s imperialistic ambitions, and that “way” is through American energy. Here’s what the editorial Exporting America has to say: 

Exporting oil and gas poses one of the best opportunities to strengthen our allies in NATO and the European Union. The former Soviet Union provides more than 40 percent of Europe's oil. Russia has nearly exclusive control over natural gas supplies to the Baltic nations, which the United States has a duty to protect under the NATO charter. This level of control leaves our allies vulnerable to price shocks and supply cuts at the whim of an expansionist oligarch. Yet U.S. crude is still restricted by a 1970s-era export ban and the federal government drags its feet on approving liquefied natural gas exports.

However, the wall is beginning to crumble. The House of Representatives and a Senate committee have already passed a bill to speed up the approval of LNG export facilities by the Department of Energy, but it still needs a vote on the Senate floor and President Obama's signature. The United States is one of the top gas producers in the world, and yet our closest allies rely on a belligerent neighbor to keep from freezing. Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland are actively lobbying the White House to speed up the export approval process, and we can't let them down.

As the Chronicle points out, allowing American oil and natural gas to be sold more freely on the world stage will help our allies. It will also sustain the energy revolution here, as well as all the jobs the energy industry has created. It’s a win-win situation for our nation and for world stability. It’s time for Congress and the president to embrace the full potential of American energy production.

Less than 24 hours left to make your voice heard on NAAQS!

If you haven’t submitted a comment to the EPA to stop what could be the most expensive federal regulation in history—Today is your last chance!

Send the EPA an unmistakable message: this ozone regulation is wrong for America!

This is our final opportunity to tell the EPA that we oppose the changes they want to make to federal ozone regulations. Tomorrow, the EPA’s comment period closes.

The proposed restrictions could cost consumers, communities, and businesses billions of dollars; so much so, in fact, that this NAAQS ozone regulation could be the single most expensive government regulation ever!

We have just 24 hours to act. The scientific evidence shows that the EPA is not required to make this change, and they might back down if enough of us stand up and say no to this regulatory overreach!

Thanks for helping!

The Energy Citizens Team

Less than one week to speak out against the costliest regulation of all time!

The EPA is considering a regulation that could eliminate 2.9 million American jobs, and Tuesday, March 17, is the last day we have to try and stop them.

The EPA’s proposed ozone regulation could be the most expensive government regulation ever! Their standard would be so tough, in fact, that many pristine areas and national parks could fail to meet the EPA’s cut! Why impose standards that may be impossible to meet? It just doesn’t make sense.

There is less than one week left to try and slow the EPA down, so we have to stand against this potentially destructive government mandate. The scientific evidence shows that the EPA is under no obligation to change America’s ozone regulations. With just days left, let’s tell the EPA to ease off the gas pedal and let America catch up with existing ozone regulations.

Increasing LNG exports would build our economy and stabilize world energy supplies

The recent political turmoil in Ukraine makes clear just how much the world needs the market-stabilizing power of U.S. energy exports. Our vast supply of natural gas offers us the ability and opportunity to increase our exports of LNG (liquefied natural gas) and create thousands of U.S. jobs, generate billions of dollars in government revenue, and enhance energy security both at home and for our allies around the world.

But red tape is stifling the process of approving new export applications and holding America’s LNG shipments to a trickle. Even though there are more than 20 pending applications, the Department of Energy has approved only seven since 2011. Each one of them represents a potential multi-billion dollar investment in infrastructure, U.S. labor, and production and infrastructure materials.

A study conducted by NERA Economic Consulting for the U.S. Department of Energy predicts that increased LNG exports would grow U.S. GDP anywhere from $5 billion to $47 billion by 2020. Another analysis by ICF International estimates as many as 76,800 manufacturing jobs would be added between 2016 and 2035. More LNG exports would cut the U.S. trade deficit and generate billions of dollars in additional royalties and new government revenues.

America has the technological know-how to get this done and more than enough product to support record levels of LNG exports for decades. But will our public policies and federal administrative choices stand in the way? That’s the key question.

Our nation’s wealth of natural gas presents us with unprecedented opportunity. It is time to put it to work.

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