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Lift the Ban, Improve our Security

The evidence is clear: lifting the crude oil export ban is good for our economy. But what about the other benefits it could bring?

Just consider how crude oil exports could boost our national security. Two experts in this field— a former Secretary of Defense and CIA Director, Leon Panetta, and a former National Security Advisor, Stephen Hadley—wrote an insightful op-ed for the Wall Street Journal that explains the global implications of lifting the crude oil export ban.

They use the example of Russia to illustrate their point:

Fourteen NATO countries buy 15% or more of their oil from Russia, with several countries in Eastern and Central Europe exceeding 50%. Russia is the sole or predominant source of natural gas for several European countries including Finland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and the Baltic states. Europe as a whole relies on Russia for more than a quarter of its natural gas. This situation leaves Europe vulnerable to Kremlin coercion.

What’s their solution? “The U.S. can provide friends and allies with a stable alternative to threats of supply disruption. This is a strategic imperative as well as a matter of economic self-interest.”

Read the rest of their op-ed to get an even better picture of how our global leadership will be enhanced by eliminating the oil export ban. It’s time for Congress to lift the ban.

Erase the Export Ban!

Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle are working together to finally lift the 40-year-old ban on U.S. oil exports. Tell your lawmakers to support this effort!

Obsolete energy restrictions are holding our nation back. Lifting the ban would create as many as 300,000 new jobs and reduce our annual trade deficit by as much as $22 billion. So why are we waiting? Email your members of Congress NOW.

Tell the EPA how you feel about ethanol!

The EPA won’t give up on the Renewable Fuel Standard—even though it’s not working! They’ve just opened up a comment period on new ethanol-blend regulations. Let’s tell them to scale back the ethanol mandate.
Proponents of the RFS said it would be good for our environment and consumers. They were wrong.

The Renewable Fuel Standard is responsible for:

  • Taking away ethanol-free gasoline for small engines and boats.
  • Incentivizing higher level ethanol blends that damage vehicle engines.
  • Higher food and grocery costs.
  • Harm to our environment.

The government doesn’t belong in our gas tanks. And while we wish Congress would repeal the RFS entirely, it’s the EPA that is responsible for administering the law. We want the EPA to keep ethanol-blend standards at levels that are safe for cars on the road.

We only have until July 27 to speak out. Click here to send the EPA a comment today!

EPA chief McCarthy is right on Keystone XL, but doesn't go far enough

You might have seen recent news reports of EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy’s statement that the Keystone XL pipeline would not – as critics have long avowed – be a “disaster for the climate.”

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce agreed with her comments, but didn’t think she went as far as she could have on that line of thought. They pointed out the evidence that shows that Keystone XL, in addition to having no significant impact on the environment, is the best alternative to transporting North American crude oil.

Their argument makes sense. As Chamber research shows, pipelines are one of the safest and cleanest ways to transport oil and natural gas.

Energy Citizens appreciates Administrator McCarthy’s statement about Keystone XL. And, like the Chamber, we hope that President Obama will listen to her, take a hard look at the facts, and give this pipeline the approval it deserves.


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