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The Case for Energy Exports

How can our nation’s energy revolution continue to stay strong? Writing in The National Interest, James Jay Carafano of the Heritage Foundation has an idea: 

Increasing American production and export of energy is a win-win-win proposition. It would enhance our national security, make international energy markets more free, and address environmental issues realistically. The next president should lead the campaign for an American energy export agenda. In the meantime, the present Congress can do much to prepare for the march.

Check out the entire piece by Carafano to see why energy exports should be a key part of U.S. energy policy. Unfortunately, antiquated laws and regulations are holding us back.

Now more than ever, American energy producers need access to world markets. It will benefit consumers, producers, workers, and our economy. It’s time to lift the energy export restrictions and let America become a global energy superpower.

No Need for Federal Fracking Rules

The Department of the Interior is proposing strict new rules for fracking on federal land. As Kathleen Sgamma of the Western Energy Alliance explains, states, not the federal government, are at the forefront of fracking regulation. That’s why there is no need for these new federal rules: 

Colorado has completed multiple rounds of rule-making over more than a decade, with increasing intensity in recent years. Wyoming is in a race to the top with Colorado in claiming the mantle of the state with the most stringent regulations. North Dakota, Texas, and in fact all western states with sizeable oil and natural gas development had updated their rules well before the federal government jumped in. In fact, 99.97 percent of the permits to drill approved last year by the Interior Department were in states with recently updated fracking regulations, with just one well in a state currently updating its rules…

Despite the characterization from the federal government, there is simply no regulatory gap. States have an exemplary safety record, as there is not one example of the fracking process resulting in the contamination of underground drinking water. But don’t take my word for it; all Interior and Energy secretaries and EPA administrators under President Barack Obama have vouched for the safety of fracking.

If these regulations are enacted, it could discourage energy production on federal land. That would hurt our economy and our energy security. The Interior Department should do the right thing and withdraw these rules. It should let the experts – the states – handle fracking regulation.

Lets Thank Shale for New Jobs in America!

Recent news indicates that more Americans are being put to work after years of sluggish job growth. Writing in the Investor’s Business Daily, Stephen Moore and Kathleen Hartnett White discuss how American energy production should get much of the credit for this job growth:

“The shale oil and gas revolution is behind the fall in gasoline and electricity prices, which in turn is unleashing a comeback in many industries. Consider the U.S. manufacturing boom, which can be seen in the revival of factories selling everything from plastics, cars and chemicals to potato and micro chips.

“The turnaround has little to do with government programs or subsidies. A major springboard is the lowest-in-the-world energy prices found here in America.

Fracking has unleashed an energy bounty in the United States. That has helped consumers, workers, and businesses throughout the nation. It’s vital that Energy Citizens continue fighting for policies that ensure the shale revolution continues going strong.

EPA chief McCarthy right on Keystone XL, but doesn't go far enough

You might have seen recent news reports of EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy’s statement that the Keystone XL pipeline would not – as critics have long avowed – be a “disaster for the climate.”

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce agreed with her comments, but didn’t think she went as far as she could have on that line of thought.  They pointed out the evidence that shows that Keystone XL, in addition to having no significant impact on the environment, is the best alternative to transporting North American crude oil.

Their argument makes sense.  As Chamber research shows, pipelines are one of the safest and cleanest ways to transport oil and natural gas.

Energy Citizens appreciates Administrator McCarthy’s statement about Keystone XL.  And, like the Chamber, we hope that President Obama will listen to her, take a hard look at the facts, and give this pipeline the approval it deserves.

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