Energy Independence & More Jobs with National Gas

Support the Keystone XL Pipeline!

There is no good excuse to continue blocking the Keystone XL.

More delays mean jobs, associated economic growth and revenue all get delayed, too.

Tell President Obama to approve the Keystone XL pipeline. Send a letter today and sign up to be an Energy Citizen.

Energy Citizens is a national movement of concerned citizens that believe it's time we started producing more oil and natural gas at home to increase our energy security and create American jobs.

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I support the Keystone XL pipeline!

The Keystone XL pipeline stands to benefit the United States in a number of ways, including increasing government revenues and creating jobs. In addition, the pipeline will benefit our nation by reducing U.S. energy dependence on less stable and more distant nations.

The project has cleared by three separate federal reviews, and local environmental concerns in Nebraska have been addressed by re-routing a portion of the pipeline there.

I urge you to support construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. It is of tremendous benefit to the state and the nation.

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