Oppose the Energy Ban

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Here is one of many reasons Florida depends on affordable American energy: Our families save an average of $1,300 on energy costs every year.

But now politicians in Tallahassee are under pressure from anti-energy groups to ban hydraulic fracturing in our state. This would set a terrible precedent that could impact the availability of affordable oil and natural gas for all Florida families and businesses.

Let’s Tell Florida Lawmakers: No Energy Ban! 

We must take a stand for the benefits of fracking and American energy…

1. Savings—American energy helps make heating and electricity more affordable for Florida households, schools, businesses, hospitals, and others.

2. Jobs and Economic Growth—Energy development supports 286,000 Florida jobs and contributes more than $23 billion to the state’s economy.

3. Environmental Progress—Economic growth and clean air go hand in hand because of natural gas developed via fracking. Our nation has already lowered carbon emissions to 25-year lows.

4. Safety—Fracking must comply with strict regulations, and it has a proven safety record.

It’s critical that we raise our voices to defend Florida energy savings, jobs, and environmental progress!