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Action Alerts

Don't Allow Ohio Ratepayers to Bail Out Aging Power Plants

Utilities in Ohio are asking state lawmakers for a BIG favor at the expense of electricity customers. If they get their way, your electric utility rates could increase in order to bailout four aging and uneconomic electric power plants – including one that is in Indiana.  

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Minnesota: Support Line 3 Upgrades and Improvements

Submit a comment in support of the Line 3 replacement project today! The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission is currently holding a public comment period to receive feedback on a pipeline known as Line 3. Along with improving our energy infrastructure and safety standards, this project will also support good-paying jobs, provide a boost for our local economies, and increase tax revenue for public services.

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TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress to Include ISDS in NAFTA

Investor-State Dispute Settlement, known as ISDS, promotes energy trade and supports U.S. energy jobs by protecting American investments abroad with the same rights and legal protections afforded to them in the U.S. constitution. The Trump Administration is now renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  It’s vital that we protect American energy security, and preserve ISDS.

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Support the North Weymouth Compressor

Tell Gov. Baker you support the North Weymouth compressor and the clean, affordable energy this pipeline project will deliver Massachusetts!

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Take Action Pennsylvania: Say NO to the Severance Tax

Tell your representative that taxing Pennsylvania energy is not the answer to Harrisburg’s spending. Stop the severance tax today!

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TAKE ACTION: Pennsylvania Oppose the Nuclear Bailout

Pennsylvania families should not pay more to subsidize an industry that can’t compete. Tell legislators they should not meddle in a free market to ensure that families get the energy they need at the best price possible.

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