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Action Alerts

Approve Offshore Leasing Program

Approve an offshore leasing program that will allow for the continued and expanded exploration and development of our nation’s resources so that the U.S. and its citizens can fully reap the benefits that are available to us.

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Please take a moment to submit a comment supporting Michigan infrastructure. Don’t let our valuable infrastructure be torn apart. 

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Russia Sanctions Shouldn't Target US Businesses

As Congress looks to impose sanctions on Russia, lawmakers may enact rules that hurt American energy companies.

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TAKE ACTION: Pennsylvania Oppose the Nuclear Bailout

Pennsylvania families should not pay more to subsidize an industry that can’t compete. Tell legislators they should not meddle in a free market to ensure that families get the energy they need at the best price possible.

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Nebraska: Stand Up For the Keystone XL Pipeline

Nebraska has become ground zero in the extreme movement to keep all oil and natural gas in the ground—no matter the consequences. The fact is that every family and every business relies on energy—to keep our homes warm, our cars running, and our economy moving forward. 

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Tell Congress to Act on the RFS

Tell your legislator to help protect consumers against the RFS by supporting HR 5180, the Food and Fuel Consumer Protection Act.

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