Boaters Want the Ethanol Mandate Fixed

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Are you ready for more ethanol in our fuel?

Thanks to the EPA’s decision on the Renewable Fuel Standard, we could soon see fuel with ethanol blends over 10%. That could pose a lot of trouble for many consumers. As Bill Cochran reports in the Roanoke Times, boat owners are especially upset over this:

The Boat Owners Association of the United States (BoatUS) has delivered 24,000 comments from recreational boaters to EPA headquarters in Washington urging the agency to stop adding more ethanol to the nation’s gasoline supply. Ten percent ethanol blends are common, and federal officials are considering 15 percent. Most new outboard engines are designed to operate on up to 10 percent ethanol. More than that can damage engines.

While the EPA is no longer taking comments on its ethanol decision, members of Congress have introduced legislation that would fix this problem. HR 5180 is supported by a bipartisan group of lawmakers. This bill would cap the amount of ethanol that must be blended into our fuel. Energy Citizens should make sure that every member of the Virginia congressional delegation supports this much-needed bill.