10 in 2022 infographic

We live in very uncertain times. Inflation is at historic levels. The cost of fuel is soaring.

Global and domestic supply chains are in disarray. Vladimir Putin’s brutal war in Ukraine has brought suffering and instability to Europe not seen since World War II.

Each of these challenges has a direct tie to energy, and each can be improved with assertive American energy leadership. Unfortunately, the federal government is not doing everything it can to unleash American energy potential. In some cases, policymakers in Washington are standing firmly in the way of strengthening our domestic energy sector.

That’s why we are calling on Congress and the administration to enact 10 simple – but significant – policy reforms that will boost American energy potential, ease inflation and supply chain woes, and bolster our allies in Europe that are most impacted by the war in Ukraine.

Washington policymakers must support policies that encourage energy investment, create new access, improve our supply chains, and keep unnecessary regulation from restricting energy growth. 10 in 2022 will take major steps to achieve these vital goals. 

The world is calling out for energy leadership. America can and should step up fast. If you agree, add your name to the petition by clicking below.