Our economy is starting to recover, and our communities and businesses are starting to see the benefits of that recovery. Unfortunately, inflation is rising to new heights, not to mention bad actors are returning to the international stage making it critical that we prioritize the safety of Americans and that includes protecting our economy by minimizing risk. However, some politicians in Washington are looking to target U.S. energy producers with a new natural gas tax.  

It makes zero sense to pile new taxes on American companies that safely produce affordable natural gas and oil here, which means less has to be imported from foreign countries. It’s simple:  Washington politicians should stop asking foreign producers to increase production while penalizing American companies from investing here with a new gas tax.   

Besides the economic and national security risks, our environment could also be put at risk with a new natural gas tax. If we cannot produce energy here at home, we lose the ability to monitor operations and their impact on the environment. U.S. natural gas and oil companies have shown their commitment to reducing methane emissions by investing in innovative technologies and participating in voluntary programs like The Environmental Partnership that are aimed at reducing methane emissions. Furthermore, U.S. operators are already operating under some of the most stringent regulations in the nation. 

Piling taxes on such a critical part of the economy doesn’t make sense at any time, let alone during an economic recovery. A new natural gas could put the environment, American jobs, and our energy security as a country at risk.  

 We need your help to stop these taxes! Can we count on you to help protect our economy, national security, and environment?