Prior to the pandemic, Colorado had the one of the strongest economies in the nation, but by December 2020, its unemployment rate has risen to 47th worst in the nation, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.

Hundreds of thousands of previously employed Coloradans remain out of work more than a year after the onset of the pandemic, and higher taxes would likely make it more difficult for many small businessowners to bring more members of their communities back onto payroll. The pandemic had a disproportionately significant impact on our state, which makes it all the more important that government policies going forward serve to support our economic rebound, rather than impede it.

Small businesses are the backbone of Colorado’s economic vitality, and as we emerge from the recession, we intend to stand front and center in getting Coloradans back to work, providing for their families, and contributing to our communities. We hope to have partners in our elected leaders.

Write a letter to your officials to encourage them to not introduce or support any legislation that would further burden our small businesses and the Colorado economic recovery.