The Byhalia Connection Pipeline is a 49-mile oil pipeline that would connect communities with safe and reliable energy we need for our daily lives. The pipeline runs from Memphis to Marshall County, Mississippi and will bring considerable benefits to the City and Shelby County – $500,000 year in property taxes, for example. This is on top of the $1 million that has already provided to local charitable organizations.

But now some on the City Council want to oppose the pipeline. This is the wrong move for Memphis, the wrong move for Tennessee, and the wrong move for the country.

Will you make your voice heard by writing your council member and telling them to support energy infrastructure and vote NO on the resolution opposing the pipeline?

Pipelines deliver affordable and reliable energy to communities across the U.S. More than 2.8 million miles of pipelines bring natural gas and oil from where they are produced to where they can be processed and then used in vehicles, homes, and factories throughout the country.

For safety and efficiency, pipelines are often buried, so many people don’t realize how common they are – or how environmentally friendly they are. Several pipelines already run through the City of Memphis. Pipelines reduce the need to use more carbon-intensive modes of energy transportation, making them the most environmentally friendly way to move these energy resources from producing regions to consumer markets.

But these pipelines are under threat across the country from misguided efforts to curtail their construction. Memphis is the latest city to try to oppose a pipeline. It’s critical the community stands up and says YES to American-made energy and NO to the proposal to opposed halt the Byhalia Connection Pipeline.