In 2021, then-Governor Ralph Northam and the General Assembly passed HB 1965. The bill requires that 8% of all vehicles sold in Virginia by 2025 be electric and ultimately ties the Commonwealth to whatever policy choices California makes California just adopted a full ban on new gasoline powered vehicles by 2035 so that’s what Virginia consumers now face. And it doesn’t matter what Virginia consumers want – auto manufacturers will have to meet the quota for these vehicles.

This means that if you’re buying a new vehicle, your choice could be limited to an ever-declining number of gasoline and diesel-fueled vehicles as electric cars take over as the mandated government-mandated choice Virginians should be trusted to make the most prudent decisions for themselves and their families without government intervention.  Repealing HB 1965 puts choice back where it belongs – in your hands.

Governor Youngkin campaigned on repealing the mandate, and it remains one of his top priorities. Now, it’s time for the legislature to join him and act before it’s too late. We’re asking Virginians to let champions for vehicle choice know we have their backs when they move forward with a repeal in 2023.  Virginia is not California and should not be expected to take on its one-size fits all policy when it comes to getting where you need to go.

Can we count on you to stand up for vehicle choice?

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Virginians and all Americans have taken it for granted that we’ll have a choice of the products offered to us and the things that make our lives easier to live. Yet, the Virginia legislature decided to strike at the heart of that idea when it passed HB 1965 in 2021. This legislation mandates that 8% of vehicles sold in Virginia by 2025 are zero emission* and that it follows California down the rabbit hole as it requires a full ban on the sale of new gasoline powered cars by 2035, tipping the scales in favor of a certain type of vehicle that not every driver wants.

The Electric Vehicle Mandate is a bad idea for Virginia. It’s time for it to be repealed.

When the legislature convenes in 2023, getting rid of the ZEV mandate should be at the top of its list of priorities. We are Virginia citizens calling on leaders in the Virginia House of Delegates to hold firm in their commitment to repealing HB 1965 and urge their colleagues in the Senate to focus on legislation that ensures consumer choice, reduces costs, and makes it easier for Virginia families to thrive.

On behalf of drivers across Virginia, please repeal the Virginia Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate.

* Electric vehicle refers to full Battery Electric, Plug-in Hybrid Electric, and hydrogen electric vehicles.