Don’t Let Congress Hike Taxes on America’s Energy Producers 
America’s natural gas and oil producers support improving the country’s infrastructure, and in particular our energy infrastructure. But Washington politicians are proposing tax increases on energy at a time when we need to focus on job creation and powering our recovery. 

We’re running out of time to stop these unfair tax hikes. Can you help us? 

First, let’s set the record straight: natural gas and oil companies do not get special tax treatment.  

The truth is that America’s energy companies pay their fair share, and support over 10.3 million jobs right here at home. Every job in natural gas and oil supports another 2.7 jobs in other sectors. And rather than getting special tax treatment, the effective tax rate for natural gas and oil has been historically higher than electric utilities, banks, airlines, and several other large industries.  

America’s natural gas and oil producers are able to creates tens of millions of jobs because of a tax code that levels the playing field across all industries and allow natural gas and oil to invest in new technology, more workers, and other aspects that contribute to the health of our national economy. 

America is on its way to recovery. That’s why we need to stop these short-sighted tax hikes now, to keep our recovery moving.