Can Wisconsin afford the new ozone regulations?

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WI Impacts

The EPA has proposed extremely harsh revisions to ozone regulations as a result of their five-year review of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). These sweeping changes would affect every state, including Wisconsin.

We could experience a $56 billion reduction of Gross State Product in just over 20 years if the EPA imposes the toughest standards it is considering. Annual employment opportunities in Wisconsin could decline by 52,000 “job equivalents” each year and drivers could pay a total of $3.1 billion more to own and operate their cars. Individual Wisconsin families could see their purchasing power drop by $1,180 a year.

These are all figures taken from a study commissioned by the National Association of Manufacturers. And this is not the only group dismayed by this legislative overreach. Environmental experts, businesses, and consumer groups are not only expressing outrage at the costs associated with new ozone regulations, but are also pointing out that no scientific studies indicate that such ridiculously stringent ozone limits would do anything to make us healthier.

You can look at the complete NAM study here, it details state-by-state impacts and also the overall effect a revised regulation could have on our nation— including a $270 billion annual drop in GDP and the elimination of millions of American jobs.

If you are as unhappy as we are with the prospect of this bureaucratic catastrophe, join Energy Citizens in telling the EPA to take a different path.