New Jersey Legislature Should Reject the Nuclear Bailout

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Should rate payers have to pay higher prices to prop up the nuclear industry?

The answer is no. Nuclear power plants aren’t making enough money in New Jersey’s electricity market, so state legislators want the people of New Jersey to pay them a subsidy to protect their earnings. The money they want will come out of ratepayers’ pockets.

If the nuclear industry cannot compete with alternative forms of energy, then it should not be up to us to subsidize the owners of these plants. Government interference in favor of nuclear power will help that industry at the expense of the average New Jersey resident. That is not the right thing for the government to do. There is no good reason for legislators to force residents to pay more for electricity to make these plants more profitable.

The New Jersey Legislature should stand up for families and businesses by rejecting the nuclear bailout.

Keep the Heat on this Winter

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Winter is the time when many of us learn to appreciate natural gas even more. Thanks to natural gas, the parts of our country that have been experiencing extreme weather conditions are able to heat their homes and keep local businesses open.

Unfortunately, some regulators don’t share the same opinion about this low-cost heating source. They are trying to shut down safe natural gas production in the Delaware River basin.

We need to tell the Delaware River Basin Commission to support affordable energy.

Members of the Delaware River Basin Commission are taking public comments on rules that would make a huge area off-limits to shale gas development. These rules would hurt efforts to produce the natural gas that keeps our energy costs low during winter and the rest of the year.

Let’s tell the commissioners that it’s unfair and unnecessary to ban natural gas development.


Thank You and Happy Holidays!

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What a year!

Thank you so much for everything you did to stand for commonsense energy policies. Energy Citizens like you from all around the country sent thousands of emails to legislators, made phones calls, wrote LTEs and shared on their social media channels – all for one purpose making sure American families have affordable, reliable and safe American energy.

We saw big wins all over the country. Here are some highlights:

✔ KXL pipeline was approved
✔The severance tax was stopped in Pennsylvania
✔Pro-energy tax reform passed the House and Senate
✔Nuclear subsidy bailouts were blocked in several states
✔A quorum in FERC was restored
✔The ban on energy development has been stopped across the country
✔Continued support for crucial infrastructure projects
✔Reduced regulatory burdens

The New Year is all about making big changes. As you know, [Name], we’re up against a loud opposition that likes to evoke fear and play politics with our energy future. With your help, Energy Citizens can lead the discussion about responsible energy development, and set the facts straight. We all care about America’s energy future because we care about the future of our communities and our children; we know that energy development can be done safely across the Unites States.

As we go into 2018, we’d like to start by hearing from you. Are there issues in your community that you’re passionate about? Projects that you’d like to support? Reply to this email and let us know. We want to hear about it.

Thank you again for all of your hard work!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Ivey Site is an Example of Energy Development at its Best

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Adams County Commissioners will soon be considering whether to allow energy development at the Ivey site in the northwest corner of the county. This will be a safe, well-regulated project that will deliver enormous economic benefits to the region. But make no mistake: anti-energy activists will try to stop this project with fear, intimidation, and misinformation

The Ivey site development is an example of energy development at its best. It will contribute to America’s energy supply while helping the local community. Homes, schools, and parks are situated well outside the setback requirements for energy development at the Ivey site. The project will rely on pipelines, not trucks, for removing and transporting developed resources. This will help control traffic around the site. In addition, a solid emergency response plan has been developed, with support from local officials.

In addition to supporting jobs, the Ivey site will contribute more than $76 million in tax revenues over the life of the project. These funds can help improve our schools, libraries, parks, and government services.

It would be a mistake to sacrifice the opportunities of the Ivey site project for the unjustified fears promoted by anti-energy activists. Adams County Commissioners should support this sensible, local energy development.

Support Pro-Growth Tax Reform

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The U.S. House of Representatives has passed their tax reform bill. Now, the Senate needs to finish the job by voting for lower, fairer taxes too.

The Senate tax reform bill could ease the tax burden on working families and get American businesses investing in our economy again. American families could directly benefit from a smarter, fairer tax system. It could strengthen the U.S. energy security, create jobs and make our economy stronger.

Senate passage of tax reform could put more money in the hands of working Americans and enable U.S. businesses to invest in our economy and create new jobs. This tax reform bill could help our families and communities.

Bringing down our job-killing tax rates could allow U.S. companies to invest in their businesses and hire more workers. They could become more competitive in global markets and be better able to meet the needs of U.S. consumers.

Tax reform is especially important for energy companies. Lowering taxes could allow American oil and natural gas producers to compete fairly with foreign energy producers. It could increase domestic oil and natural gas development, strengthen U.S. energy and national security, and create more living-wage jobs in energy and other industries.

The Senate has the opportunity to pass the first meaningful tax reform measure in over three decades. Senators should vote in favor of pro-growth tax reform to benefit Americans

SECURE Act to Usher in a New Era of American Energy Production

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Congress has the chance to expand America’s energy security, support local jobs, and ensure Americans’ access to reliable American energy for years to come.

There is a new bill being considered in Congress called the SECURE American Energy Act, or H.R. 4239. This bipartisan bill would usher in a new era of American energy production which could mean thousands of great paying jobs, tax revenues, and economic development that will benefit generations of Americans.

States with oil and natural gas development have a long history of informed and effective regulation of the industry, tailored to the geology and practices of each particular state. The SECURE Act will cut through the bureaucratic red tape in Washington, and enable states to work with the federal government to establish new opportunities for American energy development. This legislation will also make it easier for U.S. companies to create U.S. jobs by developing our resources on federal lands.

If Congress acts, Americans could see up to 840,000 new jobs created and over $200 billion in new revenue for the states along the pipeline route and federal government. The United States is the #1 producer of oil and natural gas, and that means all Americans will see more affordable and reliable energy. It is vital for Congress to vote for the SECURE Act and keep the American energy renaissance moving.

Pipelines: Helping Make All Your Halloween Fun Possible

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Halloween is here! Whether you are handing out candy, attending a party, or out trick-or-treating, pipelines make Halloween possible.

The costumes, face paint and hair dye that make Halloween unique are all made from oil and natural gas, and delivered through pipelines. Take for instance, the wrappers around Halloween candy – they are often made from plastic, which is created from oil. The same goes for the stretchable fabrics like polyester that weave together your favorite costumes. Without the millions of miles of existing pipelines in the United States that deliver energy safely and efficiently, many of these great Halloween products wouldn’t exist.

It’s safe to say, Halloween wouldn’t be the same without pipelines to make our favorite products possible. And without pipelines, life as we know it would be pretty scary!  

Click here to learn more about the ways energy infrastructure make life possible year round.

Support Minnesota Line 3

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A pipeline known as Line 3 has been delivering energy safely and efficiently to Minnesota for over 50 years. The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission is currently holding a public comment period to receive feedback on this project. 

It is now time to look toward the future and build a replacement pipeline so Minnesota residents have access to affordable and reliable energy in the years to come. Along with improving our energy infrastructure and safety standards, this project will also support good-paying jobs, provide a boost for local economies, and increase tax revenue for public services.


Ohio Ratepayers Shouldn’t have to Bail Out Aging Power Plants

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Utilities in Ohio are asking state lawmakers for a BIG favor at the expense of electricity customers. If they get their way, your electric utility rates could increase in order to bailout four aging and uneconomic electric power plants – including one that is in Indiana. These bailouts could cost Ohio families and companies billions of dollars.

HB 381, SB 155, and HB 239 are just three of the several bailout bills being pushed by utility companies that would raise Ohioans’ electric bills. HB 381 proposes a massive bailout to FirstEnergy for two uneconomic nuclear power plants, and SB 155 and HB 239 propose a similar bailout to several electric utility companies for two aging power plants, one of which is in Indiana.

Ohio families shouldn’t have to pay more for electricity just to pad the bottom line of electric utility companies and prop up an aging out-of-state power plant. If these bailouts pass, they will be the next in a long line of subsidies to electric companies that have cost Ohioans nearly $15 billion in utility surcharges.

Preventing Needless Energy Taxes in Pennsylvania

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Time is not on our side. With a state budget that’s more than two months overdue, the House has returned to figure out how to balance the budget and fund our state. We must act now. Tell your representative that taxing Pennsylvania energy is not the answer to Harrisburg’s spending. Stop the severance tax today!


The governor and his allies don’t seem to care that this is a dangerous tax scheme that could threaten tens of thousands of good-paying jobs, put affordable energy for Pennsylvania families at risk, and threaten America’s energy security.


Pennsylvania should not be subjected to a new tax to fund Governor Wolf’s big spending plans. We have to let our representatives know that this energy tax would harm Pennsylvania families.