Stop Indiana Ethanol Bill

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Once again, a bill has been introduced in the Indiana legislature that would encourage more ethanol in our fuel supply than is good for most drivers and consumers. We need your help to stop it.

Tell Your Representative to VOTE NO on HB 1277.

HB 1277 would promote the use of E15 or fuels with even higher levels of ethanol. This kind of misguided plan ignores the reams of evidence that show that too much ethanol is potentially bad for family budgets, the economy, and it could harm the engines of millions of cars on the road today – including yours.

Indiana Energy Citizens helped stop last year’s legislation by speaking out to lawmakers in Indianapolis, telling them to stand up against a similar bill. We need to do the same thing now.

Will you send a letter to your representative today?

Citizens Spotlight: Brent Murphy

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Rising energy costs have become a huge issue for our nation. Here in Indiana, our coal fired electricity plants are being shut down causing our electric costs to increase significantly. I want to see our energy costs reduced, that is why I am an advocate in the pro-energy movement. I support our coal fire plants, domestic drilling, the Keystone XL pipeline and most recently, fracking as it has been proven to be safe without ground water contamination or other environmental issues. As a hard working American working in the IT industry and trying to support my family, seeing our nation move toward energy independence is the only logical step we can take to help improve our economy.

Joining Energy Citizens has helped me to stay informed on our energy issues with my busy life. It allows me to join with other like minded people in supporting our energy security by signing petitions and sending letters to our elected officials about those issues that are most important to me. Personally, I don’t think that it is fair that other countries are allowed to drill for oil, but the United States limited by excessive restrictions. We must change this to bring down our energy costs and help to improve our economy. Thanks to Energy Citizens I can join the fight and let my voice be heard.

Marion, Indiana

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Do you know where your Members of Congress stand on KXL?

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The Keystone XL Pipeline is the first priority of the new Congress.

We’ve been waiting for this Pipeline for six years now. It’s time our elected officials do the right thing and vote yes! It’s extremely important that all Energy Citizens send their Members of Congress a letter today to tell them:

  • There is no reason to stand in the way of American energy security.
  • There is no reason to play politics with Keystone XL.
  • There is no reason to delay 42,000 American jobs.


This can be the year that we change history and get Keystone XL approved by the United States Congress. Please contact your Representative and Senators today and urge them to go on the record in support of Keystone.

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About Indiana Energy

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While Indiana is not currently a large oil-producing state, the state’s first oil boom was a powerful influence on the state of Indiana as it exists today. With the discovery of the Trenton Gas Field in the 1880s, which was the largest oil and natural gas field discovered in that decade, Indiana became an oil-producing powerhouse. Not only did the state produce oil, but a large manufacturing sector rose around the low-cost energy that resulted. When the oil could no longer be profitably extracted, the manufacturing stayed.


The oil and natural gas industry still exists in the state, although not at levels seen during the first oil boom (peaking in the 1900s) or the second (peaking in the 1950s). Moderate amounts of crude oil are still produced in southwest Indiana and natural gas production is steadily increasing.


The Whiting oil refinery east of Chicago is the largest oil refinery outside of the Gulf Coast. It is a major supplier of motor fuel for Chicago, Indiana, and the rest of the Midwest and employs many Hoosiers. It is being reconfigured to process Canadian crude oil from the Alberta oil sands, allowing it to continue supplying the region for decades to come.


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