It’s All Within Reach

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Clean and safe natural gas production is finally within reach for Western Maryland—and all of the benefits that come with it.

Here’s the catch. Our lawmakers are under pressure from anti-energy groups to ban natural gas production in our state. If they succeed, we will never realize the jobs and economic benefits that Maryland energy development promises.

We can take a stand for the future of Maryland natural gas development, but we have to work together. That’s why we’re starting out by arming local Energy Citizens with the facts.

Download our Maryland Natural Gas fact sheet so you can begin discussing the benefits of natural gas with your friends, family, and social networks. And share it with others!

Here’s a little of what you’ll find:

1. Savings—Locally produced natural gas will help make heating and electricity more affordable for Maryland households, schools, businesses, hospitals, and others.

2. Jobs and Economic Growth – Western Maryland natural gas production will create thousands of good paying Maryland jobs, add hundreds of million more dollars to the state’s economy, and generate millions of dollars in public revenues to improve schools and government services.

3. Environmental Progress—Economic growth and clean air go hand in hand because of natural gas. We have already lowered carbon emissions to 25-year lows, and Baltimore, in particular, has seen huge improvements in air quality.

4. Safety—Natural gas production, through hydraulic fracturing, has a proven safety record and Maryland will have the strictest set of regulations in the country.

As soon as Maryland lawmakers turn to this issue, we’ll be asking you to raise your voices. Keep an eye out for more information from us in the meantime.

Support Maryland Progress

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The Maryland legislature is considering regulations that would finally allow natural gas development in our state.

We need to show that Marylanders want responsible energy development and that any regulations MUST be reasonable and consider their impact on Maryland jobs and energy costs.

Please join us Tuesday, December 20 for an Energy Citizens and Energy Nation Rally to support clean and affordable natural gas and jobs for Marylanders!

  • What: Energy Citizens and Energy Nation Rally at the State Capitol
  • When: Tuesday, December 20, 8:30 AM – 11 AM (breakfast on us!)
  • Where: Harry Browne’s, 66 State Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401


The moratorium on natural gas development has kept jobs and businesses out of Maryland for too long. Help us send a message to lawmakers on December 20 that Maryland should be open to progress and opportunity when it comes to developing our natural resources.

Let us know if you can make it by registering online here.

Bring Energy Development to Maryland

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A Maryland legislative committee is considering new regulations for natural gas development in our state. Any regulations MUST be reasonable and consider their impact on Maryland jobs and energy costs.

Responsible energy production would give Western Maryland the chance to create thousands of good-paying jobs, boost the local economy, and make energy more affordable for families and businesses across the state. But time is short.

Please Email your Representatives now. Tell them you support responsible natural gas development and to consider jobs and energy prices when any new regulations are being discussed!


Hydraulic fracturing is safe, and reasonable government oversight and regulation are appropriate, but Maryland should follow the example of dozens of other states where production has proceeded safely for years.

The Western part of our state should have the chance to create thousands of jobs and stimulate their local economy. Our families deserve affordable energy to heat our homes and power our businesses.

Will you please send a letter to your lawmakers today?

Do you know where your Members of Congress stand on KXL?

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The Keystone XL Pipeline is the first priority of the new Congress.

We’ve been waiting for this Pipeline for six years now. It’s time our elected officials do the right thing and vote yes! It’s extremely important that all Energy Citizens send their Members of Congress a letter today to tell them:

  • There is no reason to stand in the way of American energy security.
  • There is no reason to play politics with Keystone XL.
  • There is no reason to delay 42,000 American jobs.


This can be the year that we change history and get Keystone XL approved by the United States Congress. Please contact your Representative and Senators today and urge them to go on the record in support of Keystone.

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About Maryland Energy

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Historically, coal has been Maryland’s primary contribution to our nation’s energy production. There has been limited natural gas production in the state, although it peaked in 1959. Production may pick up soon, however, as exploration for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale formation in western Maryland is underway.  This will provide many good-paying jobs for a region that has been hit hard by the current recession.


While it is not a large producer of natural gas (yet), Maryland is important in another way for the region’s natural gas needs. Cove Point liquefied natural gas terminal supplies LNG throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and the Northeast. There is also another LNG terminal scheduled to be opened in Baltimore County. LNG terminals provide high-paying jobs and an important product for the economy of the region.




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High Oil and Natural Gas Prices Hurt Marylanders

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Transportation is too important to Maryland’s economy to risk a tax increase on oil. 

A diverse group, Marylanders make their living in many ways. Poultry farmers, watermen, government employees, small business owners and their employees – all make up the Maryland workforce.  Every one of them will be affected if oil and natural gas prices go up due to legislation being considered in Congress.

In more rural and suburban areas of the state, some people have to drive long distances to work. While those who drive to DC or Baltimore for work may not drive as far, they spend a lot of time in their cars. Farmers and watermen depend on affordable petroleum to power their tractors, combines, and boats. So do the tourists who flock to Ocean City in the summer.  How will raising taxes on oil affect these people and the fragile economic recovery?

Even those Marylanders who don’t drive regularly, such as the many who commute to DC or Baltimore by public transportation, are affected by higher energy prices. The electricity that powers the DC Metro, the Baltimore light rail, the MARC train, and other public transportation sources comes, in part, from facilities that generate energy from petroleum or natural gas. If the price for these fuels goes up, so do the tickets to ride public transportation. How many of these families could easily absorb this new cost?

Raising taxes on domestic energy producers will also have a direct effect on Maryland businesses and workers. There is a small but important natural gas industry in western Maryland which provides much-needed jobs in the region. Penalizing domestic energy production could put the men and women of this industry out of work.  That’s why being part of Energy Citizens is so important.


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