It would be a cold winter without energy infrastructure

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Now that the full weight of winter is upon us, energy infrastructure is our lifeline to heating our homes and workplaces. This same infrastructure also ensures safe and comfortable travels by keeping our roads and highways clear of snow and ice and our airports open for business.

In Illinois, where 80 percent of households depend on natural gas as their main space heating fuel, pipelines keep the energy flowing. During the cold months, our state uses 44 percent more energy per home than the U.S. average.

Investing in pipelines, rail lines, storage facilities and other components of our energy infrastructure will ensure that we have the energy needed to make it through the cold months. And those investments will provide jobs and tax revenues. Pipeline investments needed over the next few years could create over 198,000 new jobs in our region.

We might not be able to influence the temperature in the winter, but we can prepare for it by making sure our energy infrastructure is up to the task of keeping us supplied with fuel. As a new year begins, join Energy Citizens to support the commonsense policies that pave the way for infrastructure investment.