Hydraulic Fracturing

The World’s Number 1 Producer of Natural Gas and Oil

It’s pretty simple.

Without hydraulic fracturing (fracking), America would not be the number one producer in the world. Used for almost 70 years, Hydraulic fracturing has allowed our country to tap into the huge supply of oil and natural gas — more than a century’s worth — that’s right here in America. Fracking is proven, it’s safe and it has revolutionized oil and natural gas development. Fracking brings us affordable, reliable energy, creates jobs and makes our country more secure. A win-win for our families, communities and nation.

Did you know?

  • Over 3.5M jobs by 2035
  • Made the US the world’s largest producer of natural gas

Supporters in your

The best way to determine if a new technology is sustainable, is to let it live or die according to the decisions of a free people spending their own money in a free marketplace. This is the only way we will identify truly sustainable renewable fuels to power our economy.

Brian W.

Fall Creek, WI

I have experienced damage to my outboard motor and chainsaw caused by ethanol. Ethanol increases both the cost of fuel in my car and the cost of food on my family’s table. Now some want to increase the government mandate and require we use more ethanol. We should be ending the mandate, not expanding it!”

Rich S.

Burlington, WI

I think natural gas is something that we’re realizing, more and more, that if you bring it in, you can do a lot with it.”

Susan O.


I don’t think that energy is a partisan issue – the use of natural gas should be in everyone’s best interest.

Lorrie K.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is hydraulic fracturing helping the environment?

Fracking has unlocked vast reserves of natural gas that has helped make our air the cleanest it has been in 25 years. It has allowed the United States to be the world leader in reducing carbon emission.

Does hydraulic fracturing pollute the water?

With hydraulic fracturing taking place well below the water table, it is almost impossible for it to affect drinking water. In fact, there have been no confirmed cases of groundwater contamination from hydraulic fracturing.

Is America’s energy revolution and fracking making climate change worse?

No, carbon and other emissions are at their lowest levels in 25 years thank to technological advancements in the energy industry.

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