Energy Infrastructure for Michigan Manufacturing

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To grow our economy and maintain our quality of life, we need to ensure that energy supplies can reach us reliably and affordably well into the future. That’s why it’s critical that Michiganders recognize the need for current and expanded energy infrastructure.

Michigan’s Antrim Shale is the source of some of our oil and natural gas, but ultimately we must bring in most of our energy from other areas. We are an intensive user of energy, not only because of our cold winters, but also because of our strong manufacturing sector.

Every business needs power—and for some businesses, the price of energy can be the difference between success and failure. Auto, chemical, glass, and paper manufacturing—all strong industries in Michigan—use a lot of power. For these industries to continue thriving, they need dependable fuel supplies made possible by sufficient energy infrastructure.

In addition, chemical manufacturing depends on natural gas and petroleum products as building blocks. Without adequate energy infrastructure, we could see chemical companies looking at expansion opportunities—out of state.

The elections, as well as post-election discussions, have brought renewed focus on the need to invest in our nation’s infrastructure. This year, we’re likely to see increased federal support for building and improving roads, bridges, airports, and rail. Pipelines and other energy infrastructure should also be on the table.

Energy infrastructure investment will come from the private sector—so no taxpayer dollars will be needed. But for these projects to move forward, we need the support of local, state, and federal officials. The engaged voices of Michigan Energy Citizens can help make it happen.