Get Involved American Energy Security Strengthens National Security

The recent global pandemic serves as a reminder of how important America’s energy security is to national security. Because of the investments made into new technologies and innovation that contributed to an “energy renaissance,” America today is a global leader in energy production. We are well positioned to fuel economic growth and recovery thanks to our domestic energy production capabilities.

The incredible progress we have made in becoming an energy independent nation, however, is threated by irresponsible and misguided policy proposals that would disrupt further development of energy sources here at home. Such proposals include:

  • Intentional delays or outright bans on national gas and oil development
  • Slowing the pace of permitting resource development and the construction of infrastructure
  • Imposing new taxes on resource development and production
  • Enacting new or duplicative regulations on the natural gas and oil industry

The natural gas and oil industry is firmly committed to supporting policies which strengthen our energy independence while reinforcing our national security.

Your voice is vitally important in the debate over America’s energy policy, particularly as it relates to our national security. As special interest groups use misinformation to limit our nation’s energy production capabilities, we need to make sure decisionmakers are equipped with the facts.

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