All across our country, Americans are benefiting from the increase in U.S. energy production.

The energy renaissance is creating good-paying jobs and helping local communities to flourish again. These are just some of the countless stories:

I have fractured wells in Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Alabama, Oklahoma – this is a very safe and well understood technology.

— Kerry McCowen, vice president of Rocky Mountain Operations, Denver, CO

Right outside my bedroom window they were drilling on my father’s property… That well still produces today. My mother still enjoys the benefits of that income

— Norman Aguredakes, owner, Straight A’s Ranch Supply, Malvern, OH

[Shale development] has helped us grow to 23 employees…It was close to a 1,000 percent increase [in business] from 2010 to 2011.

— Blair and Doreen Strouse, owners, Fox Hollow Construction, LLC, Mill Hall, PA.

If you want to work, there are jobs. You don’t have to be able to drill a well. You can lay pipeline or stand up a fence. There are so many jobs because of gas development.

— Charles Hall, dairy farmer & landowner, Damascus, AR

This is what the oil and gas field is doing for our community. My daughter, she wants to be in this program and she sees a future for her and myself in this.

— Natalia Delgado, student, Aims Community College Oil and Gas Program, Fort Lupton, CO