U.S. natural gas is helping lower emissions, while creating a cleaner environmental future

“Natural gas has been a game-changer with our ability to really move forward with pollution reductions that have been very hard to get our arms around for decades.” – Gina McCarthy, Environmental Protection Agency

We all want to breathe cleaner air, while continuing to power our way of life. And that’s all possible with American-produced natural gas.

Due in large part to the rise in domestic natural gas production, U.S. emissions of the six most widespread pollutants, including carbon monoxide, ozone and lead, have been significantly cut since 2000. And if that weren’t enough, carbon emissions are at 20-year lows!

With the added domestic supply of clean-burning and affordable natural gas, more electricity is being produced from natural gas, with more companies choosing to use natural gas. It simply makes sense to continue to invest in this clean burning, abundant source of domestic energy.