As America prepares for the incoming Biden Administration, it’s important to remember the legacy of American energy independence arguably started as a result of increased LNG exports and expansion of hydraulic fracturing under the Obama-Biden Administration. Under President Obama, the Department of Energy approved 24 LNG export licenses, and denied none.

We hope and expect this progress to continue under a Biden-Harris Administration. A strong, energy-secure America depends on making use of our vast reserves of domestic natural gas. The Department of Energy has commissioned multiple studies on LNG exports, finding that they benefit the U.S. economy, including a 2012 study that found “U.S. economic welfare consistently increases as the volume of natural gas exports increased.”*

A strong economy means more security for America, both at home and abroad. In addition to building a resilient domestic power grid, exporting American natural gas has enabled us to build and maintain alliances abroad. In fact, in just over two years Europe has increased its import of U.S. LNG by 181%.

America’s natural gas revolution is a bipartisan success story. And it’s not over yet. With your help, we can keep the new Administration’s eye on the prize: affordable, reliable energy that strengthens the economy and home and our security abroad.

* NERA Economic Consulting, Macroeconomic Impacts of LNG Exports from the United States at 6 (2012).