America has made tremendous progress in reducing carbon emissions over recent years. But methane is another potent greenhouse gas – and one that experts are increasingly prioritizing in America’s strategy to curb climate change.

Our energy industry has stepped up to the plate, developing new technologies and innovative practices to identify and stop excess methane leaks at their facilities.

One method that the industry is developing is airborne monitoring, including a partnership between BP and Kairos Aerospace. Using aircraft mounted high-resolution infrared imaging, Kairos conducts quarterly campaigns to review BP’s assets for leaks. Using the flyover method, Kairos can survey hundreds of square miles per day to locate and quantify emission sources.

This “map and cap” approach is based on academic research, which has shown that over half of methane emissions from oil and gas facilities are from just a handful of locations. Using regular checks with flyover technology is just one of many methods the industry is developing to find leaks early and fix them before they can emit significant amounts of methane.

As we have proven time and again, there is no challenge that can’t be solved through American ingenuity and know-how. Methane is no different.

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