Energy security means recognizing that our energy doesn’t just keep the lights on; it also helps strengthen America globally and here at home. Natural gas is abundant and an extremely efficient resource to export since we’re able to easily liquefy and transport our supply long distances without affecting its quality. The United States has already provided stability and energy security to our European allies by increasing LNG exports – which were supported by the Obama-Biden administration. Now, American natural gas is being used to bolster our presence and interests in Southeast Asia.

US companies recently secured contracts for LNG-to-power development deals in Vietnam. According to S&P, “they signaled various levels of progress at a time when Vietnam is struggling with declining domestic gas production and limits on exploration due to territorial issues with China.”

In addition to building up US trade relationships in the region, domestic natural gas could help Southeast Asian countries curb air pollution and carbon emissions from coal and oil. This kind of global cooperation is exactly what’s needed in order to reduce global emissions – and put our economy on solid footing.