We’re calling on the Biden Administration to reform the permitting processes for critical energy infrastructure projects in Pennsylvania and nationwide. As a major energy-producing state, Pennsylvania has the natural resources to power America. However, without permitting processes that allow vital projects to be built quickly and efficiently, that potential could go unharnessed. 

By cutting through red tape, we can accelerate the development of critical infrastructure projects in Pennsylvania. These energy projects can create jobs, boost economic growth, and ensure energy security. 

We can’t wait any longer. We need a transparent and timely process that allows us to put shovels in the ground for projects that provide affordable, efficient energy and make our country more resilient and secure in the face of global energy challenges. 

ACT NOW! Fill out the form above to sign our petition asking the Biden Administration to review and reform the energy permitting process to unlock the full potential of Pennsylvania’s energy resources and support our community and economy.