The United States is blessed with abundant reserves of natural gas and oil which can provide Americans with a secure and reliable source of affordable energy. Unfortunately, since his first day in office, President Joe Biden has pushed policies making it harder for Americans to take full advantage of the jobs and affordable energy these natural resources offer.

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Having a secure, homegrown energy supply is essential to both America’s economic security and national security. While increasing U.S. natural gas and oil production both strengthens America’s geopolitical power and bolsters our energy security, restricting domestic production would shift those benefits abroad – enriching and empowering foreign producers at America’s expense. That’s why every Democratic and Republican president since Jimmy Carter has promoted the development of America’s natural gas & oil resources.

However, President Biden has reversed course with an energy agenda that weakens America’s national security and jeopardizes our energy security:

If that’s not bad enough, when increased demand drove up prices, the administration that touts a “Buy American” agenda asked OPEC and Russia to produce more oil instead of encouraging more oil production here in America.

  • De facto ban on new federal natural gas & oil leases
  • Killing the Keystone XL pipeline project
  • Trying to increase taxes on U.S. natural gas & oil companies

Taken together, these policies are nothing more than an ‘import more oil’ agenda. In fact, the U.S. is already importing record amounts of oil from Russia this year. This

America can choose to produce energy here in the United States or rely on foreign countries who can be hostile to American interests. Let President Biden know if you support energy security and the U.S. natural gas and oil workers who help provide it!