Not only are America’s natural gas and oil workers committed to delivering affordable, reliable energy, they’re also dedicated to powering our country towards a brighter, cleaner energy future. To that end, addressing the risks of climate change, including reducing methane emissions, is a priority.

Methane is a major greenhouse gas so stopping leakages and reducing flaring can help reduce the environmental footprint of natural gas production. In fact, private-sector efforts have already significantly reduced methane emissions rates across America’s largest energy-producing regions. A great example of this is The Environmental Partnership, a coalition whose members represent nearly 75% of total U.S. onshore natural gas and oil production, and is focused on driving innovation, sharing best practices and reducing methane emissions.

These efforts by America’s natural gas and oil workers are clearly having an impact too.

  • U.S. methane emissions rates relative to production in key producing regions have declined 70% in the past decade.
  • Total U.S. methane emissions decreased 4% since 2005 while marketed natural gas production increased 90%.
  • A 2021 World Bank report found that the U.S. has one of the lowest flaring intensities when compared to other producing nations around the world.

What’s good for business, and good for the environment, can go hand in hand. Methane is ultimately natural gas – their product – so it’s in the industry’s best interest to bring all methane to the market.

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