The Virginia legislature passed a bill last year that will restrict the types of new vehicle models available at your local car dealer. In December 2021, the State Air Pollution Control Board adopted regulations to implement the law that will require 100% of new cars, trucks, and SUVs sold are to be electric beginning in 2035. New gasoline and diesel cars will not be allowed to be sold after 2035. All of this happened without ever even taking public comments.

As shown in the presentation made to the Virginia Air Pollution Control Board on December 2, 2021, in just eight years, almost half of the annual volume of new vehicles offered for sale in VA will have to be so-called zero emission vehicles.

Zero Emissions Vehicle Requirements
Source: Karen G. Sabasteanski, Policy Analyst, Air Data Analysis and Planning Presentation to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (December 2, 2021)

Politicians shouldn’t dictate the car choices of Virginia residents, and you shouldn’t be forced to subsidize the vehicle choices of others. Traditional cars and electric cars should be on an even playing field, or consumers could pay the price through limited – and more expensive – options.

Will you stand with us for consumer choice on vehicle purchases? We’ll continue to share information and opportunities to get involved.