North Carolina legislator urges Obama to back off on ozone rule change

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The Obama Administration’s plan to tighten the NAAQS ozone standard has drawn considerable fire from politicians and business groups in urban and racial minority communities, because of the severe damage it would do to the economy and job creation. North Carolina State Representative Rosa Gill, a Democrat and member of the N.C. Legislative Black Caucus has written to the President to voice her concerns. Here is part of what she had to say:

The minority and disadvantaged population in my district is especially grateful for President Obama’s tireless efforts on their behalf.  So you’ll understand why I’m concerned that the newly proposed air quality standards would act as a drag on the long awaited recovery my constituents are now enjoying.

A study conducted on behalf of the National Association of Manufacturers estimates that lowering the ozone standard would reduce the North Carolina Gross State Product by $42 billion over 20 years and cut state employment opportunities by 13,457 jobs or job equivalents per year.

Energy Citizens agrees with Rep. Gill. Lowering the ozone standard is a poor plan that would really hurt many people in North Carolina. If you think so too, contact the President and tell him so.