Why Pennsylvania Needs Expanded Energy Infrastructure

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Shale gas is doing great things for Pennsylvania, including creating jobs and leading to a resurgence in manufacturing here, but the US energy renaissance can do even more for our commonwealth.

The Cranberry Eagle reports on a recent conference that discussed the shale gas industry’s potential. Jeremy Zeman, Manager Commercial Development at Williams Companies discussed the challenges facing the industry right now:

He said 3,300 miles of shale gas pipeline exists in the state, which is a significant increase since 2010. But more is needed.

“A major amount of supply is coming out of this region…. Today, 25 to 30 percent of Marcellus shale wells have no pipeline connected to them,” Zeman said.

Furthermore, Mr. Zeman pointed out that all of Pennsylvania would benefit from additional infrastructure that moves shale gas from the well to the processing plant and then to the market. Not only will these infrastructure projects spur growth in the shale industry, they will also have direct benefits for workers:

Bob Wilds, director of pipeline operations at the International Union of Operating Engineers, said pipelines for shale gas have been a boon to the heavy equipment operators and mechanics who are members of the union.

It’s time for Pennsylvania to embrace new pipelines and other infrastructure to support development of our energy resources. Energy Citizens should make sure that this is a top priority in Harrisburg for 2017.