Pop Quiz: Yellowstone out of compliance?

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President Obama’s EPA is toying with the idea of dramatically tightening ozone regulations across the country. If they succeed, the vast majority of the United States would immediately be in violation of the regulations and could be subject to economic growth freezes and other costly repercussions.

So here’s the question for you: If the EPA arbitrarily adjusts the acceptable levels for ozone to 65 ppb, which of the following areas would be guaranteed to pass?


If you guessed “none of these,” you’d be correct. None of these areas would be guaranteed to pass—not Yellowstone National Park, not New York City, not Kansas wheat fields, or San Francisco, California. The EPA can’t be serious…except they are.

Until March 17, we have the chance to offer public comment on the EPA’s draft ozone regulations. We need to take this opportunity to stand up for common sense.

It’s not rocket science. If the EPA’s standard of clean air perfection would put Yellowstone National Park in the “nonattainment” category, don’t you think the problem is with their standards, not our air?