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American energy enables our state to tackle big challenges—to drive environmental progress, to strengthen our communities, and to grow our economy. Wisconsin Energy Citizens is a movement of over 17,000 members focused on supporting American energy and a better future for our families.

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I don’t think that energy is a partisan issue – the use of natural gas should be in everyone’s best interest.

Lorrie K.


I think natural gas is something that we’re realizing, more and more, that if you bring it in, you can do a lot with it.”

Susan O.


I have experienced damage to my outboard motor and chainsaw caused by ethanol. Ethanol increases both the cost of fuel in my car and the cost of food on my family’s table. Now some want to increase the government mandate and require we use more ethanol. We should be ending the mandate, not expanding it!”

Rich S.

Burlington, WI

The best way to determine if a new technology is sustainable, is to let it live or die according to the decisions of a free people spending their own money in a free marketplace. This is the only way we will identify truly sustainable renewable fuels to power our economy.

Brian W.

Fall Creek, WI

Energy For All

Everyone benefits from energy. It’s not just about turning on lights or fueling cars. Energy helps lift families out of poverty, supports access to health care, and creates life-saving products that are essential to our lives.

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The Cleanest Air in 25 Years

Wisconsin energy—and American energy more broadly—is offering solutions that once seemed impossible. Thanks to natural gas, our air is cleaner than it’s been in decades. We can rely on American natural gas and oil—and leave a better environment for future generations.

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Safety First

Safety is a top priority for Wisconsin energy producers and employees. Wisconsin’s energy workforce is committed to protecting their families, neighbors, and communities.

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