Support Pro-Growth Tax Reform

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The U.S. House of Representatives has passed their tax reform bill. Now, the Senate needs to finish the job by voting for lower, fairer taxes too.

The Senate tax reform bill could ease the tax burden on working families and get American businesses investing in our economy again. American families could directly benefit from a smarter, fairer tax system. It could strengthen the U.S. energy security, create jobs and make our economy stronger.

Senate passage of tax reform could put more money in the hands of working Americans and enable U.S. businesses to invest in our economy and create new jobs. This tax reform bill could help our families and communities.

Bringing down our job-killing tax rates could allow U.S. companies to invest in their businesses and hire more workers. They could become more competitive in global markets and be better able to meet the needs of U.S. consumers.

Tax reform is especially important for energy companies. Lowering taxes could allow American oil and natural gas producers to compete fairly with foreign energy producers. It could increase domestic oil and natural gas development, strengthen U.S. energy and national security, and create more living-wage jobs in energy and other industries.

The Senate has the opportunity to pass the first meaningful tax reform measure in over three decades. Senators should vote in favor of pro-growth tax reform to benefit Americans