State legislators in Santa Fe are doubling down through their own proposals that reduce natural gas and oil production even more. The proposed legislation could threaten tens of thousands of jobs and more than $11 billion in state revenue.

Let’s take a look at what natural gas and oil means for New Mexico, based on a recent study from the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association:

  • $2.8 billion in state revenue in FY 2020, or 33% of the state budget
  • $1.37 billion for school funding alone, or more than $50,000 per teacher in New Mexico
  • 134,000 jobs and $16 billion in economic activity, according to a separate report from NMOGA

Rolling back production here at home would not have the environmental benefits that many would hope. For example, the ban on new federal leases is projected to increase CO2 emissions by 5.5% and coal usage by 15% by 2030, primarily because it will lead to less use of cleaner natural gas. New Mexico legislators appear to be intent on making this problem worse.

At a time when the state should be focused on recovery, the last move our state should take should be one that could cost thousands of jobs and cut essential funding that New Mexico needs.

Would you join us in making sure your voice is heard? We need your help to tell our legislators that they should be working on solutions that help our economy, not hurt it.

Contact your state legislators and add your voice to those asking them to defend New Mexico’s economy by supporting natural gas and oil production in our state. There’s still time to make your voice heard and stop these harmful policies.