At Energy Citizens, we are passionate about giving a voice to the millions of everyday Americans who believe in the importance of reliable, affordable, and accessible American-made energy.

Energy Citizens is a movement of people, like you, across the country championing American-made energy and our nation’s energy security.

Energy is all around us powering our every day from fueling our cars to heating our homes. Energy Citizens seek to encourage government policies that help ensure access to affordable and reliable energy and challenge policies that restrict the type of energy we can use, may increase costs, and ultimately could leave people behind. 
We stand behind American-made energy that strengthens our vibrant and powerful homegrown energy industry.  Oil and gas is vital to our economy and provides millions of Americans with good-paying jobs. Energy Citizens are committed to championing oil and gas employees and promoting policies that support the growth and stability of the energy industry and ensure energy security for all.
Across the country from Colorado, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and beyond, regular folks like you are having a clear impact in our communities that will be felt by generations to come. Where there’s a fight to support American-made energy and energy security, Energy Citizens step up to the challenge and win. Are you in?

What is an Energy Citizen?

An Energy Citizen is someone who cares about the future of American-made energy and energy security and is ready to take action to make their voices heard.  We believe in the importance of reliable, affordable, and efficient energy sources. 

How becoming an Energy Citizen empowers you to take action:

Education Education: We provide information on the latest happenings in oil and gas policy, and more.
Education Grassroots Advocacy: We work to build a community of people just like you who support a strong American-made energy industry.
Education Provide opportunities to make your voices heard to decision-makers.
Education In-person events and training with other Energy Citizens.

We invite you to join us in our mission to protect American-made energy. By becoming an Energy Citizen, you can make your voice heard by taking action! Sign up today to stay informed, get involved, and receive opportunities to take action with Energy Citizens. Be a part of our movement to shape the future of American energy!