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We are passionate and determined to see our nation develop balanced energy policies that strengthen our communities, support our families and make our nation more secure. We encourage discussion about our nation’s energy issues.

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Energy Citizens

MIXED MESSAGES: With gasoline prices hitting record highs, President Biden pledged combating rising prices would be his top priority. The Biden administration proceeded to cancel all remaining offshore natural gas and oil lease sales the very next day. https://t.co/tuDuR2aS2G

Energy Citizens

“We’re going to need real regulatory certainty from the Biden administration. You can’t, on one hand, say that the fossil fuel industry is going to end by 2030” & then “say we need more investment in American refineries.”- API CEO @mj_sommers https://t.co/sdi0bUhkUe

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“Natural gas is vital to Colorado, to keep our young people working and growing in Colorado.”
Maria D.
“I think U.S. dependence on foreign oil obviously is complicated, poses a lot of problems, threats, and the more independent we become, I think it only increases our national security.”
Al B.
“I don’t think that energy is a partisan issue – the use of natural gas should be in everyone’s best interest.”
Lorrie K.