Welcome to the Make, Move, and Improve movement for American energy! 

We are a community of individuals who believe in the power of American energy to drive economic growth, support well-paying jobs, and protect our national security. As Energy Citizens, we stand together to support energy security in America and a brighter, more prosperous future for all.

We believe that with the right policies and investments, America can lead the world in energy production and innovation. That’s why we are calling on Washington to support the Make, Move, and Improve pillars of our energy strategy.

We’ve put together three simple points lawmakers can use to put America on the road to strong, sustainable energy independence:

MAKE: Increase American natural gas and oil through reasonable and smart energy policies that support investment in natural gas and oil production. 

MOVE: Strengthen U.S. energy infrastructure by streamlining infrastructure review and permitting processes to better distribute energy to Americans and help meet our allies’ rising demand. 

IMPROVE: Continue innovating to reduce carbon emissions and help the environment by supporting initiatives such as The Environmental Partnership and carbon capture, storage, and utilization.  

By signing our petition, you can show your support for the Make, Move, and Improve campaign and join a growing movement of forward-thinkers passionate about investing in creating a robust energy future for all.