Safety First

Prioritize Safer, Healthier Communities

Safety is a top priority for American energy producers and employees.  America’s energy workforce is committed to protecting their families alongside their neighbors, and providing opportunity for growth and prosperity.

Safety Innovations

Technology innovation has impacted every aspect of our lives and economy, including energy. New “smart” technologies are making energy development safer and more efficient. State-of-the-art monitoring and equipment, combined with advanced engineering, make energy production and transportation safer than ever.

Tomorrow’s Technologies

Affordable energy and chemical building blocks developed from natural gas and oil are also at the heart of advances in technology and manufacturing. Improvements in health care, communications, and transportation are all supported by American energy.

  • 4,130 times state regulations cite industry-driven standards.
  • Refinery employees are six times less likely to be injured on the job than workers in other manufacturing sectors.
  • 180 refining safety related stands and work practices.
  • More than 100 number of new exploration and safety standards for offshore drilling since 2010.

Supporters in your

The best way to determine if a new technology is sustainable, is to let it live or die according to the decisions of a free people spending their own money in a free marketplace. This is the only way we will identify truly sustainable renewable fuels to power our economy.

Brian W.

Fall Creek, WI

I have experienced damage to my outboard motor and chainsaw caused by ethanol. Ethanol increases both the cost of fuel in my car and the cost of food on my family’s table. Now some want to increase the government mandate and require we use more ethanol. We should be ending the mandate, not expanding it!”

Rich S.

Burlington, WI

I think natural gas is something that we’re realizing, more and more, that if you bring it in, you can do a lot with it.”

Susan O.


I don’t think that energy is a partisan issue – the use of natural gas should be in everyone’s best interest.

Lorrie K.


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