In the years leading up to his presidential campaign, then-Vice President Joe Biden repeatedly touted the rise of America as the world leader in natural gas and oil production.

In a new video created by API, Biden showcases the many benefits of America’s vast natural gas and oil resources, like reducing the United States’ dependence on foreign oil and having a 100-year supply of natural gas that, according to Biden, can meet America’s “every single need.” Most importantly, Biden praises how our industry “changed the paradigm of manufacturing” with affordable energy, making U.S. manufacturing competitive worldwide and spurring job growth at home.

Additionally, please see below for a roundup of past Biden comments touting the rise of U.S. natural gas and oil production as an American achievement that fueled economic growth and U.S. energy security.

Roundup Of Biden Praising The Rise Of U.S. Natural Gas And Oil Production, And How It Helped Fuel America’s Economic Growth

“And now there’s an energy boom. You all know about the Marcellus Shale – I think you heard of that, right? There’s an energy boom that’s changed the paradigm of manufacturing. It’s cheaper to manufacture in the United States than it is in Europe and/or in Asia.”  (Joe Biden, Remarks, Oakdale, PA, 4/16/14)

“We’ve had the biggest increase in domestic manufacturing in the past 20 years; 40 months of private sector job growth — we need more and more rapidly, but constant growth.  We are now the recipients and we have access to and know how to safely extract over 100 years of natural gas reserves, driving the price of energy down to the — in the United States to make us among the most competitive nations in the world for manufacturing. In addition to that, we will be a net energy exporter.  We will be energy independent during the ‘20s — the decade of the ‘20s, 2020.” (The White House, “Remarks By Vice President Joe Biden On The U.S.-India Partnership At The Bombay Stock Exchange,” Press Release, 7/24/13)

“We’re in the midst of a seismic shift in the global economy:  the ascendancy of the Americas as the epicenter of energy production in the world. We have more oil and gas rigs running in the United States, than all the rest of the world combined.  Mexico, Canada and the United States is the new epicenter of energy — not the Arabian Peninsula.  It is the new epicenter of energy in the 21st century.” (The White House, “Remarks By Vice President Biden On The Caribbean Energy Security Initiative,” Press Release, 1/26/15)

“North America will remain through this century the epicenter of energy. Not the Arabian peninsula. The United States of America, Canada and Mexico – that’s where – no, for real. And by the way, the reason why all these companies are coming home is because to build a plant, natural gas is three times cheaper here than Europe and seven times cheaper than it is in Asia.” (Joe Biden, “Remarks At A Campaign Appearance in Las Vegas, Nevada,” 10/13/16)

“Instead of hearing about outsourcing … You’re hearing about insourcing.  Companies are coming back.   We’re in the midst of — we take no direct credit for it — we’re in the midst of an energy boom.  North America will be the epicenter of energy in the 21st century — the United States of America, Mexico, and Canada.” (The White House, “Remarks By The President And Vice President At Bill Signing Of The Workforce Innovation And Opportunity Act,” Press Release, 7/22/14)

“We are on the road to energy independence.  By the year 2022, North America will be energy-independent, and by the early 2030s, the United States will be totally, completely energy-independent.  We’re the world’s largest producer of petroleum and natural gas on the Earth, including Saudi Arabia and Russia.” (The White House, “Remarks By Vice President Joe Biden On U.S.-Korea Relations And The Asia-Pacific,” Press Release, 12/6/13)

“We’re producing more energy from all sources.  We now have over 100 years’ supply of natural gas that would enable us to meet every single need we have in America — energy need for the next 100 years.  We’re the largest natural gas producer in the world — another reason why companies are coming back.  The cost is a third to a fifth of what it is around the world. We are prepared to help other countries as well.  Our oil imports are the lowest they’ve been in the last 20 years” (The White House, “Remarks By Vice President Joe Biden On Asia-Pacific Policy,” Press Release, 7/19/13)

“The foundations of our economy are stronger than ever.  As you observe, you have great natural resources.  We will be energy independent.  We have not only tapped and found, but learned how to extract 100 years of shale gas, natural gas that can meet our needs totally if we chose to do that over time.” (The White House, “Remarks By The Vice President On U.S.-Brazil Relations, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil,” Press Release, 5/27/13)

“On energy, North America is literally — not figuratively — the epicenter of energy in the world today.  There are more rigs, gas and oil rigs in the United States pumping today than every other nation in the world combined.  Combined.  North America will account — meaning Mexico, China and Canada — for two-thirds of the growth of global energy supply over the next 20 years.  By 2018, the United States will be a net exporter of natural gas, and most projections show North America will be totally energy independent by 2020, and the United States shortly thereafter. … We have the world’s greatest research university.  We have the greatest energy resources in the world.”  (The White House, “Remarks By The Vice President At The John F. Kennedy Forum,” Press Release, 10/3/14)

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