It’s time for us to join forces and work towards creating a better energy future for America.  Across the country, legislatures are introducing and debating bills that would dictate the way we use energy in our lives. We need to stand now and oppose these proposals.

As Energy Citizens, we strongly oppose energy mandates that limit choice, stifle innovation, and ultimately hurt consumers.  

Here’s why energy mandates are a bad solution:

  • Limit Choice: A mandate may limit consumer choice. This could make it hard to find the products and services that best fit your needs.
  • Stifle Innovation: Mandates can stifle innovation by dictating the technologies we must use. This can discourage the development of new and innovative solutions and limit the potential for progress.

Discouraging innovation and limiting choice is a wrong turn for America. We need your help to stand against mandates.

ACT NOW! Sign to oppose energy mandates today and signal your support for being able to choose the energy that powers your life.