Important conversations are happening right now, across America, on the issues that matter most.

But while there is a lot to consider as we battle public health, economic and other crises, thankfully, some issues aren’t as complicated – like reliable, affordable energy that drives environmental progress.

Increased natural gas use continues to be an important factor in decreasing carbon dioxide emissions, a critical greenhouse gas in the climate conversation. Fortunately, natural gas is the leading fuel for U.S. power generation and is projected to continue leading for decades to come.

More than just talking about climate leadership, the United States is demonstrating climate leadership. With increased use of domestic natural gas – largely produced using modern hydraulic fracturing – at the heart of U.S. emissions reductions, no other nation has reduced CO2 emissions more than the U.S. since 2000.

And thanks to its ability to ramp up quickly, natural gas is also an essential partner for the growth of intermittent renewable energy.

Natural gas is fundamental to meeting the dual challenge of supplying Americans with affordable, reliable energy while protecting the environment

For once, this is an easy choice to make.