A strong American energy industry is key to our national security. Without reliable and affordable energy, our country is more dependent on foreign countries to power our daily lives. This is especially dangerous when global tensions are high and inflation is rising. 

Energy security is one reason why America’s offshore natural gas and oil leasing programs, like the one in the Gulf of Mexico, are important. Offshore leases in the Gulf currently produce around 2 million barrels of oil per day, providing a major source of domestic energy – about 15% of U.S. oil production comes from offshore sources – to help keep our country running strong.

These leases are managed through five-year program developed by the Department of the Interior. Unfortunately, the Biden administration is falling behind in developing these plans, even though they are required by law.


The current five-year leasing program is set to expire this summer, and there has been little to no progress made in developing a new one. That means that in just a few months, America will be left without a comprehensive offshore energy security plan.

According to a new analysis, allowing the federal leasing program to lapse could mean a loss of nearly 500,000 barrels per day in domestic production for the next 18 years, and could put nearly 60,000 good-paying jobs supported by offshore natural gas and oil production at risk. Instead, Americans will have to rely more on foreign countries to meet our own energy needs and communities across the country will feel the impact of losing stable, high-paying jobs.

When it comes to national security and energy independence, we know that America is strongest when we can utilize the resources we have right here at home. We need YOUR help to help spread that message.

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