Environmental Progress

Carbon and other emissions are at their lowest in 25 years because of clean energy technologies. Natural gas is even making wind and solar possible by providing always-available back up power.

Global Leader

The U.S. is now the global leader in both energy production and emission reductions. The evidence is clear that we can protect our environment and communities while expanding energy access and production.

  • In recent years, America’s natural gas companies and oil have invested $90 billion in low- and zero-emission technologies, representing 30 percent of all U.S. investments in this area.
  • New “smart” technologies, carbon capture, and advanced leak detection are reducing emissions and making energy development safer for our environment and communities.
  • Today’s cars run 99 percent cleaner than cars produced in 1970. Overall U.S. air pollution has declined 73 percent since 1970—even as our economy grew 253 percent.
Did you know?
  • Cleanest air in 25 years
  • U.S. air pollution has declined 73 percent since 1970