We believe that with the right policies and investments, America can lead the world in energy production and innovation. That’s why we are calling on Washington to support the Make, Move, and Improve pillars of our energy strategy.

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We are passionate and determined to see our nation develop balanced energy policies that strengthen our communities, support our families and make our nation more secure. We encourage discussion about our nation’s energy issues.

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Energy Citizens

Did you know 9 in 10 voters support America developing its own energy rather than relying on foreign powers? Check out this article by @mj_sommers on how the solution is right here at home. #EnergySecurity #MakeMoveImprove https://t.co/w5OCWAj4wc

Energy Citizens

Lifting developmental restrictions on federal lands & waters, which provide 1/4 of total U.S. oil & natural gas production, is one impactful way Washington can help strengthen America’s energy economy. #MakeMoveImprove https://t.co/9rLFArOUbD

Energy Citizens

As a business owner, Energy Citizen Davis understands the importance of competitive energy costs for the future of our industry and how they can affect our communities’ day-to-day lives. #MakeMoveImprove https://t.co/QEKcIhQI62

Energy Citizens

Meeting energy demand – and alleviating energy poverty across the world – with reliable, accessible energy while reducing emissions is the challenge of our time – and one the natural gas & oil industry is rising to address. #MakeMoveImprove https://t.co/4BRPRa3fFT

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“Natural gas is vital to Colorado, to keep our young people working and growing in Colorado.”
Maria D.
“I think U.S. dependence on foreign oil obviously is complicated, poses a lot of problems, threats, and the more independent we become, I think it only increases our national security.”
Al B.
“I don’t think that energy is a partisan issue – the use of natural gas should be in everyone’s best interest.”
Lorrie K.