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Denver is currently considering SB 181, a sweeping anti-energy bill that is de-facto ban on Colorado energy production. We need you to speak out before this disaster energy bill becomes law.

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After a lifetime of struggling for a better way of life for my family the COLORADO O&G industry welcomed me in. It has offered me the ability to supply my grandson with a quality education, it has shown me what community is all about and what can get done when we come together.

Kristi R.

Fort Collins, CO

After a major pipeline went through our property, we simply farmed over it again.

Bill J.


Good, sound policy will lead to lasting significant economic growth.

Jeff W.


I’m very supportive of a variety of doing things like fracking in a safe way.

Jimmy S.


It’s very important that we have the pipeline so that we can transport energy, whether it be natural gas, whether it be oil.

Kelly D.


Natural gas is vital to Colorado, to keep our young people working and growing in Colorado.

Maria D.


I think U.S. dependence on foreign oil obviously is complicated, poses a lot of problems, threats, and the more independent we become, I think it only increases our national security.

Al B.


Let’s be real clear, we’ve been fracking in America longer than I’ve been alive and I’m getting to be kind of old, okay.

Bill J.


We are Native Coloradans. We know that Energy solutions have come along way, But it will never deplete the need for oil and gas! We support the Oil and gas industry and all it does for local schools, infrastructure, economic growth.

Geno V.

Brighton, CO

Energy For All

Everyone benefits from energy. It’s not just about turning on lights or fueling cars. Energy helps lift families out of poverty, supports access to health care, and creates life-saving products that are essential to our lives.

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The Cleanest Air in 25 Years

Colorado energy—and American energy more broadly—is offering solutions that once seemed impossible. Thanks to natural gas, our air is cleaner than it’s been in decades. We can rely on American natural gas and oil—and leave a better environment for future generations.

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Commitment to Safety

Safety is a top priority for Colorado energy producers and employees. Colorado’s energy workforce is committed to protecting their families, neighbors, and communities.

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