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“It’s the biggest cash cow that bad government runs to, to try to correct their own bad governing ways. And I am appalled that they can continue to try to hurt the jobs and growth in the economic driver of our nation for their bad business dealings in state and federal government.”
Commissioner D.
“Before the gas industry our companies were closing. Our roads have expanded and have gotten better. Our economy has all together gotten better. New buildings are being built. Companies are growing. The whole economy is booming.”
Dora B.
“We don’t have to choose between American energy and a healthy environment. Thanks to natural gas, our air is cleaner than it has been in decades. It is clear to me we can rely on American natural gas and oil and leave a better environment for future generations.”
Christian B.
“Pennsylvania has the benefit of a wonderful natural resource in natural gas and we need to be sure to maximize the benefits of natural gas for all. To me, natural gas means economic development and national security.”
Josephine F.